Bridal Care

Bridal Care

Cleo offers an exclusive bridal care packages at affordable prices. It costs only a miniscule of wedding expenses to make your special day look much special. We understand your importance of time, budget and occasion, and customized the bridal packages which suit to everyone.

Time is much precious factor before make yourself ready for such high occasion. Usually it requires weeks of planning to look gorgeous on your special day, however we provide aesthetic solutions to address your skin and hair issues with perfect combination of treatments, in high time.

Package- Insta-look @ 2 weeks

We personalized each treatment for last minute rushers. Treatment as follows

  1. Complete skin and hair analysis.
  2. Based on skin type we do procedures for skin
  • Oily Acne skin – Acne treatment with chemical procedures, Sebum control treatment and pigmentation control procedures.
  • Dry skin – Hydration therapy, Skin repair & pigmentation treatment.
  • Normal Skin – Hydration boosters with hyaluronic acid face masks and pigmentation control.
  1. Hair repair and nourishing treatments.
  2. Suggestions and tips for bridal make over with best cosmetics.
  3. Nutrition advice and counseling.

Package- Complete Bridal Package (need name suggestions) – Weeks – 8#

Solely designed for gorgeous looks on your day..

  1. Complete skin, hair and body analysis.
  2. Personalized treatments of all types of skin and hair, which includes Skin repair & rejuvenation and Hair therapy.
  3. Facial rejuvenation and hydration with infusions, enzyme, hyaluronic acid masks and collagen enhancement treatments.
  4. Acne scar treatment, mole and warts removal, Treatment for uneven-pigmentation.
  5. Treatment for under eye-dark circles, pigmented chin and volume corrections for face, skin whitening treatment regimes.
  6. Aesthetic corrections such as lip enhancement, facial lift & corrections and more.
  7. Suggestions and tips for bridal make over with best cosmetics for homecare.
  8. Nutrition advice and counseling.