High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound – A non-invasive therapeutic technique that uses non-ionizing ultrasonic waves to heat tissue. HIFU can be used to increase the flow of blood or lymph or to destroy tissue, through a numberNowadaysanisms.

Nowadays, it’s in so much demand in people older than 30 years, who desired facial lifting and wrinkle improvement.

HIFU is used to non-invasively heat tissue deep in the body without making incisions – can target various depths of the body’s tissue for skin tightening, lifting and body sculpting.

The main exercise is

  • Destruction of tissue
  • Increasing perfusion
  • Physical therapy

HIFU is a completely safe, effective, and noninvasive procedure that can be used to improve facial wrinkles and skin laxity. It is especially viable for clinical improvement in the facial structure like- cheek, and perioral areas.

You may see some initial little effects only after HIFU Treatment but need to be a little patient to see the ultimate results that do take place over 2-3 months, as your body naturally regenerates collagen.

Studies have shown that HIFU is safe and effective and that patients have sustained indicative relief for at least 2-3 years without the risk of any complications involved in other surgery or any other more invasive approaches.

The effectiveness and safety of HIFU devices and techniques were questioned before, which have been cleared to treat subcutaneous adipose tissue for the purposes of body contouring since there is no suction involved.

HIFU is also cleared for eyebrow lifts with lower energy levels – Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2009.

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